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An exceptional 3D textured collection, able to attribute a vibrant contemporary design to an element of timeless charm as marble.

Pietra del Cardoso

A collection that bring the best inspiration of contemporary Italian design in every type of space and environment.

Travertine Marble

A collection that attributes a contemporary personality to a stone of great prestige, a symbol of timeless beauty that keeps its charm intact over the centuries.


A ceramic collection made unique by the shade variations, sharp patterns and a high tactile vocation, which transmits a timeless and contemporary personality to the surrounding space.


A ceramic collection that returns the sober and harmonious elegance of slates with a modern and dynamic mood.


The fascinating charm of some of the most precious and particular marbles of the ancient Roman Empire with a contemporary design

Apuane Marble

An elegant collection that belongs to the most recent trend of contemporary design and architecture.


Exotic marbles with contemporary design, making this collection an attractive alternative to the most demanding costumers.


A collection who speaks of timeless elegance, preciousness and a classical taste in a contemporary aesthetical language.

Pompeii Marble

A collection that conveys the richness of some of the precious marbles used since the Roman age.


A ceramic collection of that returns all the natural flavor, at sight and touch, of natural wood, in an eye-catching contemporary style.